A Bright 2020

We are starting off 2020 with some miracles!


So last year, we told one of our partners in Eastern Ukraine to find families at hospitals who are struggling to fund their children’s medical needs.  As you may or may not know, many families give their children up to the state because they just can’t afford to take care of their children.  

How do we keep families together?  We help fund their surgeries, therapies and medical needs!

To kick off the new year, we helped a little boy with Cerebral Palsy who needed hip surgery in Ukraine. 

Svyatoslav is 13 years old and has cerebral palsy. He lives in Ukraine with his family.


Last fall, Svyatoslav began to complain of pain in his left leg. After the examination, the doctors were shocked by the condition of the boy’s hip joint. The joint completely left the socket and became dislocated, while the difference in length between the legs was 6 cm.


He was scheduled for an emergency operation. To carry it out, a set of implants is needed for proper fixation of the joint. Without surgery, the pain would intensify and then due to further destruction of the joint, it will be impossible to fix it.


His mother wrote:

Svyatik – so affectionately we call him, our special child in a large family, but he does not feel his ‘difference,’ since we all love him very much. He is like a sun – he always smiles warmly. No matter how sad, he will always cheer up his positive and optimistic. I ask you to help my son get rid of the pain and continue to please us with his happy smile.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, the funds for Svyatik’s surgery were raised quickly.

And so, as we start a new year, Svyatik got his smile!

The operation was very successful, now Svyatoslav is recovering, gaining strength. He really wants to go home, see loved ones, and give everyone his best wishes. And very, very much, I want to say thank you to the Maya’s Hope Foundation, which helped us to acquire this plate, and thanks to this foundation, we had hope – to run, to jump, to feel like a real child… Svyatoslav wants to say something… Everything is fine, and Svyatoslav, he is very grateful.