A Miracle for Mark Joseph

How would you feel if you could not afford medical care for your child?

Knowing that without surgery, they would die? 

Would you feel hopeless?

Good Morning po. I am Esmeralda Dantes. I have 6 children. They don’t have a father. Mark Joseph is my youngest. I beg for your help to get my son operated for him to get well. Please help my son. Since he was a baby, it had been checked but nothing happened. Now, the lump is getting bigger and his eyes has cataract also. We plead for your help.

Mark Joseph has hydrocephalus and an encephalocele (sac-like protrusions of the brain through the skull). In the Philippines you do not receive medical / surgery unless you pay for it upfront. Without treatment Mark Joseph is at risk of infection, blindness, brain damage and death. 


After hearing his story, Maya’s Hope was not going to allow him to suffer or die an avoidable death. The funds for his surgery were, thanks to all of you, raised HERE!

And this week Mark Joseph was able to have his surgery!!!

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We wish Mark Joseph all the very best for his recovery and cannot wait to see him smiling!


Joshua is still waiting for his surgery, which unfortunately had to be delayed due to his father suffering a stroke. To help raise the remaining funds for his surgery click HERE!