A special lady

Maria Milagros Cruz Rowencak

Maria Milagros Cruz Rowencak

I wanted to make this posting at this time about this special lady.

She taught me the importance of academic excellence, about pursuing things that made me happy. She taught me to travel, she taught me to appreciate art and music. She was the only person who said I was pretty, even though everyone teased me and said I was ugly. She told me I was special, when I didn’t believe in myself as a little girl.

She pulled me out of a school when she saw I was being bullied in kindergarten. She marched into my 7th grade class to refute a grade because the teacher was wrong in penalizing me. And she got my grade changed to A-.

She told me she was Wonderwoman and promised me no one would hurt me.

She took me to my first French film, Les Parapluies de Cherbourg.

She told me to never accept crumbs and told me to fear God. She told me to never hug and kiss boys because it wasn’t ladylike… she told me I had the mouth of my father and I was so “bastos” (“rude” in Tagalog)…

She cried when I moved to NYC.

She drove me to every piano competition and warmed my frozen, pudgy hands before I performed. She took me to piano auditions throughout the country and supported my decision to major in piano.

She told me she had to go to church every day because she had to pray for her “lost child.”

She used to call me “Boojie” and it was the only name I answered to.

She called me every day to check on me…

…She passed away suddenly 6 years ago today.

And if it wasn’t for her, there would be no Maya’s Hope…

I learned how to love these kids and fight for them because she did it for me. Thanks Mom.

♥ Boojie