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April 2015 – Sophie’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello, Sister!

How are you?
I’m doing fine. Everything’s fine at work too. Finally it warmed up a bit and kids enjoy playing outside and observing trees and flowers blossom. They hold and smell the flowers so gently! One can see how much they love nature! Also, I was a bit surprised by the following situation. Artem came up to the aquarium and said:
– Sasha, look, this fish is pregnant too. It’s gonna have baby fish soon.
He has a pretty quick eye :)


We read poems about seasons with Yura and Maxim. Yura named seasons from the pictures and Maxim, since he can’t speak, showed everything with his hands, gestures, and mimic. Other kids painted, colored pictures, and made clay figures. When outside, they play different games and draw with chalks on the asphalt. When it’s warm we do a morning workout outside.




Being talented is hard work - Maxim

Being talented is hard work – Maxim

Artem and Sasha made cushions. One was decorated with felt flowers. Artem and Sasha cut small pieces of fabrics and then with my help sewed them into petals. Then we sewed the petals into flowers and decorated the cushion with them. The second cushion was heart-shaped and decorated with flowers. Olya, the caregiver from the 6th pavilion, liked those flowers a lot and asked me and Lilya to teach her. So all three of us made a headband for a girl Larisa and decorated it with felt flowers.


Gonna finish my letter here.
Good luck!

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska

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