April Letters from Kalinovka

Each month our Ukrainian Mommas write about how fabulous and incredible the cutie pies are… under their loving care.

We try to deliver them to you as soon as we can – thanks for your patience!

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Sophie’s Letter

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Hello, sister!

How are you? We’re doing alright. At work I now have a new boy to look after, his name is Vanya, but I call him Vanechka. How different he is from the other boys living in the dorm. During the morning exercise he was completely refusing to participate. But the other boys, being as wonderful as they are, said to him very seriously, «Vanya, let’s go, do the exercises so you can become big and healthy, like us.» So he started following along and did really well.

He tried not to fall behind – the kids were making their beds and he went and started making his own. Of course, he is not good at it yet, but he is trying.

The boys went to Zaporozhie two Saturdays in a row to an exotic animal exhibit. They really enjoyed it. A. Romanov was so happy because he practically never goes anywhere. The boys were elated. They also went to the island of Khortytsia. The tour guide told them about the kozaks and their traditions. It was very interesting. But when we went inside a small church, Oleg S. as soon as he saw the priest, he was so amazed, he started praying and saying how much he loves God.

We also took a trip to the circus. When watching them, kids that is, they sat their with their mouths half open, from how good the show was. Mesmerized. Yura Ch. even found the time to meet a girl and all of his attention was directed toward this girl, Yulia. For half of the performance they whispered to each other. The boys really liked the circus. Thanks to our organizers, who brought such happiness to the children.

Back in the house the boys and I had a hard time getting back into the lessons. They can read the primer by syllables, that is, Artem N. can even write his name by himself. Alesha R. can put together large poles, write numbers, name them out of order – slowly but surely.

I also make different models and panels with the kids using corrugated paper –

blooming sunflowers, hyacinths, vases made of shells and matches. We also want to make a narcissus.

The boys play outside, ride their bikes. I guess I’ll end my letter. Good-bye. My boys are sending you a hello.


Lilya’s letter

2014-05-15 15-29-04_0133 2014-05-15 15-30-34_0134 2014-05-15 15-32-40_0135Hi Tanya!How are you? How is your health?‎ What’s new? We are doing well!  Spring is finally here! The weather is excellent! Everything around us has turned green, the trees are adorned in lace, the flowers are spreading joy with their colors and aromas! It recently rained and the boys and I spent time observing a rainbow. I hope this year it won’t be as unbearably hot as it was last year. The nightingale has started singing! However, the tense atmosphere in our country due to a neighboring country’s attempts to take away our land, brings us back to reality. I hope everything will be alright and that the president of the neighboring mega-country chooses mercy over anger and leaves our already small but spiritually strong Ukraine!‎Now on to work. We finished a beaded tree “Tutti-fruity” and have started working on a lilac bush. Sasha and Artem have moved ahead in beading. They almost never need my help. Only when forming the crown of the tree. They can do the rest on their own. Serezha Poluhin could put together an entire tree by himself. Now I use him as an example to follow! I miss him terribly. And am simultaneously happy for him. ‎I hope he doesn’t lose his knowledge in beading, maybe he’ll find it useful. Two more boys are getting adopted. They (and we) are very happy. The dad was accepted immediately. Maksim asks about him every minute. And when Oleg was asked whether he will remember us, he graciously replied that he’ll send us cheese! It was cute! He has become more disciplined. He likes computer games that teach English. His auditory memory is much better than visual. He is a talented boy and I don’t think he will find it difficult to learn a new language.I’ll end my short letter here! Write! Bye! Lilya!



Valya’s Letter

2014-04-16 15-10-04_0115

Hello, dear girlfriend!


Sending you a big hello ‎from me and my boys. This will be my last letter to you – I’m retiring.


This month everything has been fine. Our boys are simply brilliant – performed really well for the staff at the concert for March 8‎.


We have some very good news – our Sergey has been adopted by an American family and he has already left. Now the two Maksims and Oleg are waiting for their parents.


I’m currently on vacation. When I was leaving I had to say goodbye to the boys. I never thought that Oleg and Sergey would cry like that. They made me drawings as a parting gift. I have been calling them on the phone occasionally. That’s all.


Goodbye, my dear friend! Good luck to you.