April, May and June 2019 – Updates from Western Ukraine!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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A new day brought a lot of new knowledge for Hryhorii. Besides listening to relaxing soft music, the child studied a lot and absorbed new information. Thus, he was busy learning letters and listened closely to the poems about animals. Because Hryhorii learnt a poem by heart, now he can show off with reciting it.



Svitlana gathered the kids. She hugged every child. Sometimes the kids hug Svitlana on their own to fulfill their acute need for human warmth and affection. That day Svitlana was showing different pictures to Oleksiy and was describing to him images in them. She also played him some music. Svitlana tossed a ball individually to Oleg, Volodymyr, Igor K, and Igor P. She played clapping games with Yaroslav. Volodymyr wished to play with puzzles and to repeat letters after Svitlana.




Volodymyr and Igor also watched a cartoon. Furthermore, the boys with Svitlana played with building blocks, and Ivan pronounced letters’ names.


At the first sight it was nothing unusual, just a regular children’s leisure time, but that all was done to provide the core of the most important things – live communication, attention and human warmth which the kids need so much.



Springtime comes with warm and bright sunshine not only outside, but also in our souls. Clever girl Hanna was putting puzzles together and was looking at the pictures with additional explanation from her mentor, Lesia.


Hryhoriy continued to learn letters and poems. Kids happily accepted and shared sincere hugs and listened to soft music. May this spring bring beautiful moments and hope for every heart.


The boys were tossing a ball around. Moreover, the children spent time developing their intellectual skills. Igor was reciting counting rhymes and learning a poem by heart. Volodymyr played chess on the tablet and worked on developing imagination by putting building blocks together. This day was filled with gentle hugs, children’s smiles, and interested, curious eyes.



Lesia continues her work to heal children’s hearts. Eight kids from the orphanage were gathered to spend quality time and accomplish new goals. Unfortunately, these children are not able to spend their leisure time in the same way as the majority of their peers do. However, each of them has his own plan for a day. Sisters, Sophia and Solomia, with Sophia P were listening to soothing music, giving hugs, and were looking forward to another day thanks to Lesia’s interesting stories told next to the window.




Hanusia, Mariana, and Vasyl were taught to pay attention to certain surrounding objects to develop attention span. (In the picture Vasyl is reacting to sounds. Pleasant and mysterious emotion can be easily read on his face.)


Nazar walked with assistance, he needs to strengthen his joint. Yevgenia, a little girl, listened with interest to a fairy-tale, got to know new characters, and watched a cartoon shown on a display of the smartphone. Things we do every day can be a big deal to somebody. Let’s spend more time with those who need our attention the most.


From everyday observations, it is easy to see that residents of the orphanage are often busy with so called lifts to the window that let them take a quick peek at the world outside. Also, drawing attention to the things is very common: touch, attention, and visualization. Reading fairy tales, playing with a ball, putting building blocks together – this is how Hryhoriy, Mariana, Vasyl, Vadym, Tetiana, Yevgenia, and Ruslan spend their time. We wish the residents of the orphanage to acquire new skills that will contribute to their bright emotions and good mood.



Yuri and Volodya can proudly demonstrate their achievements because they have learnt poems by heart. Yuri knows even two of them: one is about a girl Tanya, another one is about a fluffy pussycat. It is a blast for both boys who are reciting and the audience who is listening.

Of course, meetings like that never go without hugs, smiles, and kind words because a pleasant atmosphere inspires the children to achieve more.

Vadym was happy because he was able to move. As a result, Vadym could use his stored energy.


Oleg was standing on his feet. It means a lot for this child. Svitlana read a fairy tale to Hanna and lifted the girl to the window in order to let her look around. Svitlana read a book with Bohdan and tossed a ball with Bohdan and Volodya. In addition, the kids listened to the soothing music, and some of them wanted to play with the building blocks. Thus, a little bit tired, but full of positive emotions residents of the orphanage finished their day.



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