April, May and June – Report from our Foster Home caregiver!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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We are working on a schedule of duties in the dining room. They take turns helping to set the table, then clean the dishes. Then tidy the dining room. Nadia, Kolya, Maxim and Seryozha attend school.


Igor is taught lessons at this time by mom. Andrey and Tonya draw and play.

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After the children have their lessons, we go outside.


Children play outdoor games. There are flower beds near the house, children weed grass, plant flowers, Andrey and Maxim play sports, pull themselves up on the horizontal bars, do exercises, push ups from the floor.  Behind the house there is a small playground. They cleared a place of debris between the trees so you can put a table with chairs there, then there will be a good place to relax.


A trampoline has already been installed nearby, the children like to jump on it. Before Easter, Nadia helped to bake Easter cakes. Nadia is hardworking, a smart girl, but she very quickly gets bored with doing something. She is very mobile, and it’s very difficult to concentrate on one thing.


Igor joined the team well says that he likes it here, he wants to go to school, to study well.
The boy is calm, obedient.

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We did the following work with children:
– application of rules of behavior at the table;

– painted
– molded with plasticine
– read
– got acquainted with different letters
– looked after the plants on the site;
– engaged in sports
– went for a walk to the pond.

Katya eats from a spoon, drinks from a cup, knows her chair. After eating, she helps to remove from the table.

Sofia learns to cover the bed, understands the installation of removing and dressing clothes, shoes.
Zhenya plays toys, together with adults, puts together play materials in a specially designated place.
Ruslan develops fine motility of hands, responds: “Take, give.”
Artem writes, reads, works on a computer, and uploads to Facebook.

With Vitaly sculpted plasticine, engaged in writing, taught the letters “a”, “b”, “c”, “o”, “t”, “and”.
Alexander and Georgiy helped to make preparations for the winter, to collect cucumbers and zucchini from the garden. Also engaged in writing, and learned to write their name.

Maxim monitors houseplants, watering them, also helps to tear the grass near the house.
Nikita looks after his dog, walks with her every night for a walk and feeds her.
Nikita, George, Sasha, Maxim and Vitaly go to the football field to play football.

Oleg plays with toys, groups large and small objects by model.
Vera makes up a three-part pyramid, grouping large and small objects according to the model.


In July, I plan to go for walks with my children and further develop my children’s skills.