Arcy V. Aquino


Arcy V. Aquino • Date of Birth: 11/28/2001

Health: Good • Religion: Catholic

Favorite Pastimes: Reading Books • Favorite Subject: Computer/English • Favorite game or sports: Badminton

Jobs at home: Washing Clothes, Cleaning,Cooking and all household chores

Number of Brothers: 1 • Number of sisters: 0 • Lives with: Parents

Parents: Father’s Name: Arsenio Aquino • Occupation: Eectrician
Mother’s Name:Luzviminda Aquino • Occupation: Housewife

Living Condition
Running Water: Yes • Electricity: Yes • Latrine: Yes • Cooking Facilities: Firewood

Home Construction
Walls: Wood • Type of Roof: Galvanized Iron • Floor: soil • No. of Rooms: 2

 He is a grade 11 student who really excel in school, he is responsible for the school sound system and often times he
represent his school in computer contest in division level. He is also the IT president in their school.

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