August 2015 – Lilya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello Tanya,

Vanya and Yura

Vanya and Yura

How are you? We are doing well. Everything is going well at work. This is what we made this past month.

  • Frame for photographs decorated with old CD pieces. First, boys cut disks with scissors. Then we cut a frame out of card board and glued CD pieces to it. Finally, we colored the seams;

  • Pea seeds topiary in a hand-made pot. This project was a novelty for the children and, therefore, was very interesting. The pot was made out of a glue tub and decorated with pegs. Turned out to be very cute.

  • A construction foam dwarf. Kids colored it themselves.



Also our new caregiver held a soap making class for us. I and the children enjoyed it a lot! We packed our soap bars in paper bags and made little labels for each package. Gave it a marketable appearance, so to say ☺



My family is doing well too. The new school year and the harvesting season have begun. Gonna finish my short letter here.



Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska 



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