August and September 2018 – Katya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Aug 1 Listening time Audio-books; fairy-tales Nelly
Aug 2 Playtime Game “Catch me” Katya
Aug 5 Movie time Animal cartoons Lisa
Aug 6 Listening time Harp Ira
Aug 9 Movie time Cartoons Alina
Aug 10 Bath day All children
Aug 13 Listening time Nursery rhymes Snizhana
Aug 14 Walk A stroll outside
Aug 17 Bath day All children
Aug 18 Listening time Classic music Anya 
Aug 21 Playtime Playing with toys Dania
Aug 22 Reading time Fairy-tales Nastia
Aug 25 Exercise time Hand stretching Maksim 
Aug 26 Walk Reading stories on the balcony Roma 
Aug 29 Listening time Saxophone music Yulia
Aug 30 Listening time Listening to the birds singing Vlad


Sep 3 Listening time Audio-books; fairy-tales of A.Pushkin Kyril 
Sep 4 Reading time Fairy-tales Olesia 
Sep 7 Bath Day All children
Sep 8 Listening time Saxophone music Alina 
Sep 11 Movie time Cartoons Anzhela
Sep 12 Reading time Stories of M.Gorky Ira
Sep 15 Listening time Listened to the description of the woods Ihor 
Sep 16 Reading time Stories of L.Tolstoy Polina 
Sep 19 Listening time Audio-songs Shizhana
Sep 20 Exercise time Hands and legs stretching Maksim
Sep 23 Reading time Stories of N.Nekrasov Hrystia
Sep 24 Playtime Ball games Katia
Sep 27 Learning time Looking at different pictures Lisa
Sep 28 Bath day All children


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Translated by Olha Koshelieva