Bea has a new big sister!

Bea just turned 8 last month. She was one of our first sponsored children, after her grandma asked us for help almost 4 years ago:

Her grandma explained that Bea’s parents left her with her and her husband, but they didn’t have the means to take care of her.

She is a timid and quiet girl. When we first met her, she was frail and thin, and in a desperate situation. But she is blossoming like a beautiful flower. Here are pictures of her. The first one is from when we first met her and the latest one is from March 2011:

little Bea

Bea helps shop for supplies

Bea has been with our Maya’s Hope family since 2008. She is now able to go to school and have proper meals every day.

Her first two sponsors were Elizabeth and Diane. And now… she is sponsored by our very own Creative Director, Hailey Myziuk!

After hearing about the death of the most recent sponsor child, Mark Ramirez, the reality of the situation of the children in Norzagaray was made unnervingly clear. I have wanted to sponsor a child ever since meeting Maya – but always felt like I wasn’t quite financially stable enough to commit just yet.

After Mark’s death, I re-evaluated my monthly income vs. expenses – and decided this was something I really could commit to. The small indulgences here and there during the month easily add up to more than a dollar a day.

For 30 dollars, I could make sure that one child, Bea, never has to worry about malnutrition… and can receive an education and whatever else she needs to have a happy childhood. I made the decision that this little girl is worth more than a few cups of coffee.

She is special – and I’m really looking forward to being someone in her life who can reinforce that idea for her. — Hailey

I caught Hailey on video outside the post office, after she accompanied me to send some mail to our sponsors. She was a little shy, so I asked her about ice cream:

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  1. hailey

    Thanks mom 🙂 She does look like a sweetie – I can’t wait to get to know her. Thanks Maya for this amazing opportunity!!

  2. Maya

    Hi Hailey: Thank you for joining our Maya’s Hope Family of Superstar Sponsors!!! 🙂 Bea is a lucky girl!

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