“You are beautiful”

In August 2002, a little girl was born.

Her little almond shaped eyes took in the world around her. She was ready to start her life under the care of her loving family.

But it was not to be.

Due to something out of her control she was seen as “imperfect”, “abnormal” and “unworthy”.

The doctors told her parents to leave her at the hospital, as she would only be a burden to them.

So she was left behind.

She cried. And nobody came. She was scared. And nobody came. She was hungry. And nobody came.


For years and years she was alone.


She had her head shaved. She was hurt. She was ignored. She was neglected.


Recently her life has improved. She is living in the Happy Home with loving caregivers. She is seen. She is heard. She gets attention. She is never hungry.


She is Zhenya and she has worth.

Something special happened the other day.

For the first time in her life, Zhenya was able to see her own reflection.


Now she sees what we see.

Zhenya is a beautiful girl.

She matters.


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Written by Keshia Melton, New Zealand