Chesca is back in the Hospital

Chesca is a 6 year old princess in our program at Maya’s Hope.10868195_10205351879377987_1301184647312882799_n

We first accepted her into our program in August 2014.  We watched her go through 6 cycles of chemotherapy and saw a vast improvement.


Her arm reduced significantly in size.


She could walk.


Chesca had hope!


In May 2015, she started to get sick. She developed fevers, she had pain in her arm, and the tumor grew larger again.


On June 13, 2015, she was sent from her home in Pampanga, Philippines to the hospital in Manila where doctors will decide on the next steps. Surgery/amputation is not an option at this point. This is her parents decision which we have to respect.


As our promise to her, Maya’s Hope will fund her care.

In the meantime, we will need your support, and I am asking for your help as monthly donors. You can give $10, 20, or $50 a month.

Her bills came to about $20K between 2014 and 2015 and so for us to maintain funding of her ongoing treatment, we will need a village to help Chesca fight cancer.

If you are interested, please email me at

Chesca is the most medically fragile child in our program and requires ongoing help. We are all in this, together.

She is worth it.

Thank you for your compassion for Chesca.

Maya Rowencak