Chesca’s 6th Round of Chemo!

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Chesca had her 6th round of chemo a few weeks ago.  It was not easy for the 6 year old princess…


On Day 1, Chesca was happy, she felt good!


But on Day 2…

…now, look at her. She just vomited.


And then on Day 3:

Feeling better now than yesterday. :) her arm is now size 26 cm. Thank you much Ms Maya for all your support. GOD bless your kind heart.


Chesca has just finished her 6th round of chemo.  She’s been a trooper. It was difficult and certain days she was throwing up and had no appetite. But she made it through the storm!

Chesca just wanna say hi to you and her supporters. Thank God she’s eating well since this morning.



I asked her what she wants. She said nothing. For now, she can eat whatever she wants. She missed chocolates, cakes and ice cream. She said she wants to get fat.


Chesca looks amazing. Her supporters are praying very hard for her…. We are so proud of her progress.  She’s a very brave princess.  


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