Cutie Pie Spotlight: Igor’s Story

Igor entered our lives in the summer of 2013. Apart from a loving home and the freedom to just “be a kid”, three lifesaving surgeries stood between the cuddly toddler that we met in a Ukraine orphanage and the smiling __-year-old we know and love today.

Igor had a life saving surgery that was funded by Maya’s Hope in June 2013. To make sure he received post-surgery care, we hired a caregiver to give specialized attention to help rehabilitate him and give care to other orphans in his ward. Igor is doing well and he’s learning to walk with his walker. Before his surgeries, we hardly saw Igor smile. Now, his smile is contagious!

He’s a favorite with the ladies.

Donors like you are to thank! Each year, we provide caregivers, and medical professionals with the resources needed to spread life, hope, and smiles to children that would otherwise have none.

“After my first visit to Kalinovka, all I wanted was for these children to feel loved.

“Two years later, we hired six caregivers and two massage therapists. When you see the photos of these kids today, you see the smiles, the laughter, and the sparkle in their eyes that didn’t seem to exist before. But the best part is that these kids are no longer hidden and forgotten; they’re the world’s superstars!” — Maya Rowencak

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