Dave’s New Dawn


New Dawn Moment

Black Friday, 2:00 P.M. I’m walking through midtown Manhattan on my way to the Museum of the City of New York in an attempt to wage a
one-man protest against the crass commercialism of the day. I am determined, at all costs, to escape the cultural void of Black
Friday’s mindless consumerism and let the museum’s cultural enrichment wash over me. As I walk, an idea keeps poking me in the back of the
brain: yes, I’ve successfully avoided the morass of Black Friday shopping…however, I’ve got family and friends who will be expecting me to turn up to our Christmas festivities with presents in tow.  All I’ve really done is avoided giving in to crass commercialism on that particular day. I can’t very well waltz into my parents’ house and give them a speech about the evils of consumerism in lieu of gifts, now can I?

So I walk on and I think some more. How can I whip up some gifts for family and friends without turning into one of the consumers I’m so pointedly trying to avoid? I’ve gone the arts & crafts route before and it’s reasonably nice but, frankly, we could all (myself included) do with a little less stuff. Then an idea arrives like the breaking of a new dawn and my course is laid out before me.

With childlike glee, I pull out my phone and call Maya. “If I was to donate all the money I was planning on spending for Christmas, would
you be able to whip me up a thank-you letter or something just so I don’t roll into Christmas dinner empty-handed?”

“Of course,” she responds, “have you thought about putting together a fundraiser and seeing if anyone else would like to donate as well?”

“Whoa,” exclaims my inner Keanu Reeves. I’m left momentarily dumbfounded. This must be why she’s the one running things around

We finish chatting about the details since I’ve never done this sort of thing before and I make my way to the museum (it was lovely, there was an awesome exhibit on the history of activism in New York City).

Afterwards, back at home, I start investigating this whole “crowdrise”

The result is…

Contributed by Dave Kovach, sponsor of Jorrymie in the Philippines

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