December 2015 – Olya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello, my dear girlfriend!

With best wishes to you are Olga and our girls. We all are well. Usual routine days are replaced with holidays that are so waited and adored by our girls. We were so delighted to learn some poems for St. Nicholas holiday. We went to the 3rd building to see concerts. Now we’re preparing for the New Year: learning poems and songs, making snowflakes, garlands, and lanterns. We’re hoping a lot that we will get presents.

Zhenya, Larissa, Katya and Vera

Zhenya, Larissa, Katya and Vera

The girls are waiting for the snow falls, so we’ll play with snowballs, go sleighing. We wish real winter to come finally. Now we glue crafts, draw, play, read, fold puzzles, pyramids and mosaics, go play outside and on carousel to see boys. And so are these days.

We congratulate you with the New Year! Let all your plans come true; let your house be filled with joy, coziness, prosperity and peace.




Olga and the girls of the 6th building


Translated by Olha Koshelieva

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