December 2015 – Report from Ukraine!

Report from our Partner in Ukraine! 

The end of 2015 turned out to be rich and productive for our special kids. Children from Kirov orphanage went to a New Year’s party. The Foundation sponsored the bus to get to the event. With the help of the Foundation, a girl from the same orphanage, who could become deaf for life, got a caregiver to stay with her while she had surgery. In future, we plan to pay for additional personnel not only in Kalinovka, but also in Kirov orphanage.  

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The main news of December was perhaps the adoption of three special children from Kirov and Zaporozhye orphanages, who used to live in Kalinovka before, by one family from the United States. Vlada, Sveta, and Dima are orphans no more. Now they are one family with other children in Osborne family.


The Osborn Family!

In December, Kalinovka orphanage purchased food worth UAH 11000. UAH 1000 was allotted for the purchase of gas for the hospital visits. The doctor and recreation therapist, who upgraded the wheelchairs based on each child’s needs, continue their work.


Our Doctor at Kalinovka and Sasha

Happy Home for boys received Internet connection and now children can stay in touch with those who were lucky to find families. The visit of our permanent sponsors, Maya from the United States and Keshia from New Zealand, was a great Christmas surprise.


Maxim, Keshia, Vanya, Liliya, Natasha, Maya, Sasha and Yura

Girls learned St. Nicholays Day’s and New Year’s poems, painted, colored, made clay sculptures, decorated Christmas tree with hand-made garlands.



Boys gladly made souvenir magnets from polymer clay using silicone molds. They baked them in the oven and then colored. They also made topiaries – dwarf Christmas trees from sisal, sackcloth, beads, and bells. We didn’t forget about our usual activity – bead weaving. Also, they made several bells for the Christmas tree, painted ornaments, and made a Christmas tree out of magazines.

Next month they will make souvenirs for the Valentine’s Day, like different heart-shaped pendants and felt key chains.


In the medical department things were relatively stable throughout December. We continued the ongoing medical and preventive procedures. Only few children got sick, despite cold weather. The psychiatrist and dentist have been coming regularly. In addition, the improvement of cooperation and relationship in general between the doctor, nurses, and caregivers should be noted as a positive trend.

I’d like to note that, despite the opening date of two family-type foster homes in Kalinovka hasn’t been set yet, it is quite clear what the future families would need. Part of property purchased for the Happy Homes with the mentees’ social assistance money will have to remain in the orphanage.  

For a normal operation of the foster homes we will need:

– development toys (Legos, logic development toys)

– musical  instruments

– fitness machines 

– tires  

– water filters 

– computers for adults 

– recorders 

– musical toys 

– large puzzles  

– coloring books 

– laundry basket 

– LG air conditioner remote control 

– silicone molds for polymer clay magnets 

– watering pot 

– Listerine 

– computer speakers 

– sack cloth and rope 

– cloth scissors 

– white and beige canvas (1 meter)  

– batteries (various sizes) 

– soap making liquid

– black cloth (3 meters), white cloth (2 meters)

– plastic cups 

– glitter 

– disposable utensils (forks, spoons, plates, straws)

Thank you for all your help and constant emotional support. Remember, that only you and us can help these children! Every hryvnia and every minute of your time are priceless for children and adults with special needs. Do good!

Report by Aleksandr Nikitov 

Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska