December letters from our Ukranian caregivers!

Each month our Ukrainian Mommas write about how fabulous and incredible the cutie pies are… under their loving care.

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Raisa’s letter

2014-01-03 15-31-07_0061 2014-01-03 15-32-43_0062Hello, dear girlfriend Maya,

This letter is from the caregiver for dorm #2, Raya Gudenko.

I would like to let you know that at our dorm everything is fine.

We are slowly but surely moving ahead. Danil Kurianov has started crawling better and can hold up his head as well as pronounce words clearly.

Sasha Kosarmygin moves around the playroom well with his walker.

In the middle of the month we had a visit from the Zaporozhie television station – they filmed our orphanage and our dorm was shown on TV on a program called «Hopes and Aspirations».

In honor of St Nicholas Day we received guests from Zaporozhie and Chernigovka, who put on a concert. Also people from the Orthodox church came to bring gifts for the kids. There is a Christmas tree in the playroom, so we’ll be celebrating soon.

The kids get massaged every day.

At home everything is fine. My son has passed his exams and came home for the holiday vacation. My daughter is finishing up her 5th year in college.

That’s all for now.



Valya’s letter

2014-01-03 15-15-51_0058Greetings, dear girlfriend!

A big hello to you from all of us. Everything here is fine.

We go to lessons, play outside. When the Christmas tree was brought in, all the kids happily participated in decorating it. Oleg was so excited, that he even managed to knock it down, luckily the ornaments didn’t break. Now he won’t go near it and doesn’t let others either.

The kids memorized some poems in honor of St Nicholas Day and New Year’s Day. On St Nicholas Day, the children from the Chernigov Regional Cultural Center came and performed for us. We also had some religious guests who brought sweets for our kids.

In time for the New Year’s Day show we made costumes and learned poems and songs.

In general we are doing well.


Olga’s letter

2014-01-03 15-01-30_0055 2014-01-03 15-04-08_0056 2014-01-03 15-05-26_0057Hello, dear girlfriend!

Sending you the best of wishes from Olga and the children of our dorm. This month everyone is in an especially good mood. There are Happy New Year posters everywhere, each dorm is adorned with a Christmas tree – New Year is coming! St Nicholas Day has passed and I was at work unfortunately, so I cannot share with you how the holiday went. But instead we got to put up and trim the Christmas tree. The kids took great pleasure in picking out the decorations. Everyone was wondering how a tree suddenly grew in our room. Danya carefully picked up and handed me the ornaments. Varya was constantly pulling off the icicle strands and running around the tree. Roma would touch the needles with one finger and immediately pull his hand away, but after some time would try to touch the tree again. Olya’s eyes started glowing when the box with the ornaments was brought out. She watched with curiosity and then started moving the ornaments from one place to another.

Also we hosted a concert performed by kids from another orphanage, so Danil and I went to see it. I took Olya and Varya in their strollers to dorm #4 for a visit, to see how Natasha is doing there.

Anzhela is showing improvements: she can pull herself up and stand up on both feet, so I try to get her to walk as much as possible. Vlada is still lazy, she only stands up when she feels like it and has not been able to start walking yet. So that’s how things are with us.

At home everything is fine. The kids had come for a visit, but the time passed so quickly, I already miss them again and hope that they return again this year, though I doubt it. I’ll end my short letter here.




 Lilya’s letter

2014-01-03 14-24-36_0053 2014-01-03 14-26-18_0054

Hi, Tanya!

How is life? How is your health? We are doing well and wishing you the same! At work things are excellent!  The boys are all awaiting the holidays!  In anticipation of New Year’s festivities and the gifts it will bring them, they are running around with their costumes, taking turns showing them off! Especially Oleg Soloviev!  He is not a child – he is a jet-powered ball of energy!  They put up a tall, beautiful Christmas tree in the playroom!  Decorated it with colorful ornaments and tinsels!  And Oleg already managed to knock it down!  Probably from a surge of happiness!

Every boy has memorized a poem for Old Man Frost (Santa Claus).  Even Maksim Poleshko.  And Maksim Balabas has prepared a dance!

We also have a small Christmas tree in our classroom.  We decorated it with ornaments that we made with our own hands!  We made wonderful little angels out of beads, as well as snow flakes and tiny bells.  We also used balloons, glue and string to make adorable baubles!

Serezha Poluhin is already working on his third embroidery!  The only thing to do now is purchase some frames and hang the finished product on the wall!

Serezha works on such a professional level that anyone would be envious.  He is very careful!  Every time he starts a new activity, it brings him more attention, which is fuel for his pursuit of new artistic heights!

I’ll end here!  Write! Bye!

Translated by Kat Dudina