Diana Marie: A New Life!

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This here is a very, very special cutie pie. This is Diana Marie. She had a life threatening “lump” on her head. We funded her surgery and she really felt lucky to be alive. She was scared she would die.


When I visited her in September, I noticed she had such low self esteem. I asked her if she was pretty. She lowered her head and said, “no.”

I kept telling her how beautiful she was. And I wanted her to smile so people could see her beauty.



I also noticed she was very overweight (technically obese). I told the mother that Diana’s health was a concern. I said, after all this surgery, we need to take care of her and make sure that this doesn’t lead to diabetes and other major health concerns.


When her mom said, “but Diana likes sugar.”

I told her, “You are her mother. You can control what she eats. You are responsible. Not Diana.”

I am so happy to see that after months, Diana Marie has a glowing smile and has lost weight. I want to make a “shout out” to her mother for really doing a tremendous job by being committed to Diana Marie’s success. I always like to praise our Maya’s Hope kids, but they also have extraordinary parents who are grateful for the help. They feel blessed that their children are lucky enough to have a chance to succeed. That’s what our sponsorship program is all about. Giving each one of these children a chance.


Her mom helped her write a lovely letter… but I just have to say how proud I am of this little girl.


She has really learned that she is a precious gem and seeing her smile and have confidence means the world to me. Diana has value.