Episode 2: “You’re Not Special, You’re BROKEN!” – 6 abandoned children prove them wrong – Maya’s Hop

When I tell people I went to Ukraine, they say, “Ukraine?!?!?! Huh? Why Ukraine?!?!?”

When I tell them I spend my “vacation” at an orphanage in the countryside, they kinda look at me like I’m a bit crazy. (Maybe I am…I’m crazy about cutie pies.)

But then, there are some who say, “wow, that’s nice… how did you find it? ”

Why did you choose to help this particular orphanage? And I say, it was a last minute decision last year to travel almost 15 hours away from Kiev to find this place. And I fell in love with the kids. Meet the 6 kids who taught me power of the human spirit… even if you don’t have a mom.

P.S. We wrote this story back in March and we now support four caregivers at Kalinovka… The other big change since this was published is that Lyosha was adopted and now loves in Ohio, USA.
An ancient curse is inflicted on 1 in 60 children in the Ukraine. Those who suffer from it are abandoned by their mothers at birth. Discover 6 children at Kalinovka who were banished to the distant countryside. Through their courage and love, they prove to the world that they are not “broken”…
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