Episode 2: “You’re Not Special, You’re BROKEN!” – 6 abandoned children prove them wrong – Maya’s Hop

Yura taught me a lesson. Handle him with caution. 🙂

Yura zipped off like a bandit. He enjoyed being chased and he was laughing, while I was having a heart attack. I left Aloysha and Vanya with Tamara and Yaroslav in a hurry, and raced through the village screaming “Yuraaa!!!!”

Finally, I caught the little misfit. He was laughing and smiling and he had no idea how worried we were. I couldn’t live with myself if I lost one of them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t communicate to Yura in Russian, but he loved that we played chase, because he rarely got to.

So I learned my lesson. I decided I could only handle a few children at a time. I would take 3 children, Tamara would take 3, Yaroslav would take another 3, and his sister would mind the others.

I couldn’t imagine one caregiver watching over 10 children with special needs at once and giving them the motherly attention they need… yet this was what they had to do every day.

When I watched the caregivers tend to the bedridden children, all I could think was… they needed TWENTY more caregivers. But because they are understaffed, even the able-bodied children are confined to certain areas and rarely get to go outside.
An ancient curse is inflicted on 1 in 60 children in the Ukraine. Those who suffer from it are abandoned by their mothers at birth. Discover 6 children at Kalinovka who were banished to the distant countryside. Through their courage and love, they prove to the world that they are not “broken”…
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