February 2015 – Lilya’s Letter!

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Hello Tanya,

How are you? How is your health? We are fine! The long awaited spring has arrived. It is still chilly but nature is coming to life all around us because of the warm sunny days. The trees and the flowers are waking from their slumber and the bees also have started to come back too. We are hoping that calm and peace will come to our country, amongst ourselves we are trying to keep a positive atmosphere regardless or the troubles around us. I conclude that after many years of observing that doing arts and crafts bring people together, regardless of viewpoints or differences in character; to weave necklaces and such brings calm and makes your anxious hands occupied. Right now we are busy with the kids doing hibiscus out of beads and prep work for more crafts in the future. Artem, Yura, and Sasha are doing wooden souvenirs, they decorated them with flowers. They also made craft poppies.

Sasha and Lilya

Sasha and Lilya



Tomorrow we are going to work with dough that I prepared the day before. The other day we had a visit from another building where my lovely Katya is. We took her into to our building, she follows me around everywhere! Katya brushed her teeth, she just learned this skill and everything was covered in tooth paste.



On this note I will finish my memoirs.

I await your response.

Hugs and Kisses

Love,  Lilya.

Translated by Yuliya Dudkina

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