Finding Purpose During a Pandemic

I’ve been working usually until 2 to 3 am the past week. I am usually interviewing and placing orders for kids in the Philippines to get them through the next 3 months.

My husband told me today, “It looks like you really feel more connected to your work, by working directly with these mothers.”

I said, “I guess you’re right.”

I have been doing our work for 10 years and sometimes, I have had to focus more on fundraising or networking here in New York City or administrative stuff, and then when COVID hit, it made everything stop.

I felt confused, helpless, and I just needed to figure out a way to help and restructure our operations at Maya’s Hope. We couldn’t even ship from New Jersey to the Philippines. Our partners in Ukraine were still able to help the children we serve there, but the Philippines was the big challenge. No more surgeries. No movement. It was “full stop.”

So when I started reaching out to the mothers of children in our program, I came up with the idea to figure out how to order directly from companies in the Philippines to ship to the children. Even if I was stuck at home working, I was determined to figure out a solution.

So we tried with some current children in our program and even one all the way in Mindanao. It’s in the southern part of the Philippines. It was a “test” to see – can we ship to various parts of the Philippines during COVID?

When certain shipments started arriving, we realized that we could start to accept children from various parts of the Philippines. We sent packages to Leyte (on the Visayas), some provinces, an island called Marinduque, and the list goes on.

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And today, a huge care package arrived in Mindanao to Daniel. He’s a very special boy. His mother sends me pictures of him almost daily and I’ve never felt more connected to these kids – even though we are on the other side of the planet.

His mother sent me this message:

“Big surprise❤ Thank you Lord🙏 i already receive the box for Daniel Maam. I cannot understand my feeling now im very very happy to receive daniel boxes yehey! Thank you so much this is very big help for me specially my Daniel he have a very nice Blender many diaper and wipes i didnt expected that it looks like this so many many boxes. Thank u Lord🙏 God is so Good all the time🙏🙏🙏 daniel have many stocks now and new Blender. Thank you so much MAYA’S HOPE🙏❤ Mam @Maya Rowencak Crauderueff Mam @Keshia Melton Mam @Eunice Cheng-Chua im very very thankful of your very bigheart…Thank u so much. Only God knows the return the overflowing Blessings both of you mam thank you❤❤❤ God Bless u all always🙏”

I was just filled with so much love and the appreciation these moms have. They had no help at all, and then Maya’s Hope started to come in to provide a helping hand.

Today, another mom wrote:

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“Super thankyou mam. Were so very happy. Mayas hope is a big blessing to us. This is the first time that baby Israel had a sponsor who gave so much and so many like this so im very happy and thankful “

If you see me posting a lot of fundraisers, it’s because we are getting flooded with requests for help. I interview each parent and determine what needs we can purchase which would last 3 months.

Another mother made a video with sweet music and of her daughter and their goods.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve these children, but it’s their smiles that really fill me with so much love and purpose, even during a crazy pandemic.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping children like Daniel and Israel during a global pandemic. They are grateful. <3

Maya Crauderueff is the President and Founder of Maya’s Hope, an New York City-based charity committed to helping improve the lives of cutie pies around the world.

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