Formula for the Baby Orphanage!

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Formula for the Baby Orphanage, Solnishko!

Seal of municipal institution “Affirm”

Zaporizhzhya regional specialized Chief Medical Officer

orphanage “Sun” of municipal institution

Zaporizhzhya Regional Council Zaporizhzhya regional

Code 05499189 specialized orphanage

69104, Zaporizhzhya “Sun” ZRC

Olimpiiska street, 6-A (signature) E.V.Lebedeva

Tel. 96-06-12, 95-50-19 (seal)

Acceptance Report # 187

08 April 2016

On the basis of the order #17 from 4 January 2016 Commission of admission of charitable and humanitarian aid that includes Chairman of the Commission Krapivina V.V. and members of the Commission Rudneva O.A., Sypko T.V., Pustovit O.G., Sliva T.A., Momot M.F., in the presence of financially responsible person Prytula L.A. on the one hand and benefactor Charity Fund “Happy Child” on the other hand, we have drawn up this acceptance report for material assets and services donated to the orphanage “Sun”:

  1. Nestle Resoure junior 400 gr. – 15 pc. * 371.78 UAH
  2. Nestle Peptamen 500 gr. – 90 pc. * 247.72 UAH

    Total: 27871.5 UAH

Accepted with a receipt




Translated by Olha Koshelieva