Giving Tuesday 11.28.2017


Giving Tuesday this year was a success!

We raised the most we ever raised on Giving Tuesday!

We raised $2626.00*!

Special thanks to the following AMAZING people:

Judith Bassaly

Lois Lee Bell

Mary Blihar

Natalya Bowen

Cecilia Casal

Chelsey Dase

Lorena Valdes Davison

Diederik En Anja De Reus

Delano Dixon

Jennifer Simpson Fenimore

Jacky   Flood

Alva Adlawan Fuller

Wendy Godfrey

Lauren Minor Harrahill

Fatima Hernandez

Vanda Kolodziejczak-High

Kelly Ann Kottmeier

Michael Meltzer

Ian Mari Micabalo

Julie Nebel Dooley

Frank Rubino

Adam Shlachter

Simona Sivkoff

Amy Marek Swindle

Lisa Thistlethwaite

Priyanka Vyas

*The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will provide a match which will arrive on a later date.

If you missed Giving Tuesday, you can donate here!


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