GLITTER!!!!!! The beginning of a movement celebrating cutie pies…


What’s the HOTTEST event to hit the social scene of the Big Apple?



We’re crazy about GLITTER!!!  (and rainbows and the color pink and even a little Beyonce.’.)


I came up with the idea to throw glitter parties because

1. I had too many mailings to go out (thanks too all you angels).

2. Regular parties are BORING.

3. I love glitter and everything pink, sparkly, shiny, and shimmery.

4. Glitter makes everything imaginable a whole lot better.  Duh!



I wondered, how can I turn a boring mailing into a fun gathering?  I mean, I thought about a trip to Bora Bora,bora bora beach 9 



then I thought about hiring a live band to perform


but then I realized…

All I needed was GLITTER!!!

Oh BABY it worked!

Haven’t you ever seen the musical “Candide?”  “Glitter and be gay…”  I mean, this song basically shows that if we want to be happy and spread some love we need GLITTER.


But that’s not the only reason why I’m fascinated by the sparkly dust.  I realized that glitter is in our VEINS, along with a little champagne and pink blood cells.


You see, when you touch glitter, it gets EVERYWHERE.  It gets stuck in your pixie cut hair, on your sequined jeans, on your Havanese dog… everywhere.  On a scale of Mother Teresa to Lindsay Lohan, you look like Amanda Bynes after playing with glitter for a minute.  Hot, freaking, mess.  Then it’s stuck on you for the rest of your life.  Literally.


But what is special about this magical dust is that it resembles what we all aspire to do-

spread so much love and make our kids sparkle like diamonds in the sky *rihanna voice*.  

After all, our kids are the PURPOSE for Maya’s Hope. They are the only reason we all work so darn hard… and how can we make them sparkle?


With a little glitter…


And when you blow glitter, it spreads everywhere.


We hope you spread the message about our kids and spread the love we all share.


One last thing: I have a secret to share… Michael Meltzer LOVES Yura.  Add a little glitter to this secret, and share it with everyone.


I told him after our board meeting,  “I do this so that people like you, who have never seen children who are unloved by their own parents and have special needs, can discover precious cutie pies like Yura and get excited just to see him make silly faces at the camera.”


When you see Yura’s picture or videos, does he make you smile?



To me, that’s the most invaluable thing a child can offer… A smile and hugs.


Now go grab some of this dust and glitter and be gay!!!


<3 <3 Maya <3 <3


Check out our first Glitter Party in Times Square here !! 

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