Go Ahead. Challenge Me.

Our goal is to raise $40K by December 31st for our Cutie Pies!

After our November 18th gala, a guest proposed an intriguing challenge to me:

“I’ll donate $40K if you can match it.”

Challenge accepted!

√ Giveaways on our Facebook page.

√ Crowdrise page.

√ Glitter cards.


Then, we took to Facebook!


I will take pictures in New York City that will be Maya’s Hope glitter sparkle….

What should I take pictures of? You make a donation and I’ll do it…”

Heather from Georgia wrote:

“I’ll donate if you can get a photo taken with cast member of Wicked. (yes, you will have to stalk the stage door after a show). How much is that worth?”

I replied, “$200.”  DEAL.


Tonight, I took to the streets of New York City again with an oversized poster of Margarita. This time, I battled the crowds around 34th Street and headed Uptown to the Broadway stage door of Wicked. Michael McCorry Rose who plays Fiyero in Wicked agreed to meet me to take pictures.


Michael making “sexy” face as per my request.


Michael with a smiley face.











Maya and Michael


Maya and Michael










After taking some cheeky and fun pictures with Michael, I asked him to sign the poster fellow Broadway star, Matthew Broderick, had signed a few weeks ago.


(You know, Ferris Bueller)


Matthew Broderick poses with Margarita










Michael asked me about Margarita. He was shocked when I said she was 7 years old. Like many people who don’t know about her, he thought Margarita was just a baby. I said, “She only takes food through that tube and she’s about the size of a 2 year old.”

He asked more about Maya’s Hope and was proud to support our charity. I told him we help in Ukraine and the Philippines.

He said, “The Philippines? I lived in the Philippines on a Naval base. My parents adopted a girl from the Philippines. My sister is Filipino.”

He was so happy to have discovered a deeper connection.  When I asked him to sign Margarita’s poster, he asked, “do you have a Sharpie?”

I said, “Of course. I have an arsenal in my purse. How about this one?”

He said, “Orange? That’s my favorite color!”

So now… Michael and me are BFF.  And we get a donation for $200.

I’m ready for my next challenge!


Thank you to Michael McCorry Rose for meeting with me for this challenge and his support.

You can see him in Wicked on Broadway. He plays the part of Fiyero.

As we finished up, some fans headed to see the show stopped Michael for some pictures. He obliged, “Of course! Fans headed to the show is a great thing!”

(What a nice guy.)

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