Happy 2019 From Maya!

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t bother… but then I sort of make them up as I go along in January.  And one of them was to write more. When I first started Maya’s Hope, I had to write a lot in order to spread the word about what we do.  Then as we evolved, the focus was on videos and photos, (thank you social media)! That’s when I realized, I need to go back to our roots.

(Watch Yura before when he was at the orphanage)

Words are extremely powerful.  People discovered Maya’s Hope by the sharing of my personal story, better known as my “why”. When I started Maya’s Hope in 2008, I said that it was because I lost my mom and that I felt like an orphan. I felt so lost, lonely and confused, that I sought refuge all the way across the world in an orphanage in the Philippines. I met kids who felt my pain. We understood one another.

If you ask me the same question now, I say “God.” Or “it’s my calling”.  Back in 2008, I never used to talk like that, I was a true skeptic about most things.  If you told me one day some of the kids I would encounter who are in the middle of nowhere, living in deplorable conditions, flinging poop at each other will be adopted… I would say… “Never.  This is pure hell. These kids aren’t getting out of here.”

(Watch Margarita’s Story here)

Fast forward ten years and Maya’s Hope is still going strong.  What began as a clothing collection and small sponsorship in the Philippines has grown into a charity that helps orphans, children with special needs, and very poor children get access to education, medical care, and a very basic need they were not getting… LOVE.

Through this true labor of love, children not only went to school but lives were saved through emergency medical care or even better…awareness through social media that ultimately leads to adoptions of children with special needs. How awesome is that?

Watch Cloud when we first met him!

In these past 10 years, the miracles I’ve seen turned me into a believer. Sort of like all these weight loss


you see in January!  It is the same with the kids I met. Before, skinny and dying in cribs… After, smiling and chubby, laughing, living in America with families. Who knew?

It’s ironic how I named the charity Maya’s Hope.  I had to come up with a name very quickly when someone asked me what the work I was doing, was.  So I emailed back saying “Call it Maya’s Hope Project.” Since then I have dropped the “project” and focused on Hope.  These kids only hope is Maya’s Hope… and they give me hope every single day.

Rest assured, I will be going back to our roots more and more this year!


one more thing… I had a baby in 2018, so in case you didn’t know… I have my own cutie pie too.