A Happy Little Bea!

When I first started finding sponsors for our children in the Philippines, I had a handful. It was about 5 children. Then one day, I was asked to find sponsors for 50 children in a little village called Norzagaray.


It was a mountainous village, no running water, no electricity. It was a long dirt road where I found a bunch of kids… just in need of hope.




The long path to visit the children of Norzagaray














A few years ago, we found a little girl Bea in this village of Norzagaray . She was a scrawny little thing. Sad eyes.  She looked like a forlorn child.

Bea Elefane Pic

Bea’s first picture with her casefile for Maya’s Hope


The letter that her grandmother wrote was even more heartbreaking…


Bea Elefane background_Page_2





Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of my grandchild, Bea, I am asking for your help.  We are the one taking care of her since she was left to us by her parents.  My husband has no permanent job to provide for our needs.


Bea with other sponsor children as they return from the market with their sponsor items in 2011.

When she got sponsored, I was ecstatic! Our little girl finally began to smile!  She was lovingly sponsored by a couple in Brooklyn, NY.

After about a year, the lovely couple had to discontinue sponsorship…

Then she got sponsored by another family, who had to discontinue… It was almost just a Bad Luck Bea. :(


And finally, after a few postings on Facebook, we found another couple to take over… Hailey and Josh!

We featured BEA here! 

Hailey in fact is one of our graphic designers… the one who made our pretty website! :)

Since this magical sponsorship between Hailey and Bea, Bea hasn’t stopped smiling…

In every picture, her face is glowing with pure joy… and so today, we wanted to share the latest photos of Bea when she received a special care package from Hailey and Josh from Detroit!


SAM_1245 SAM_1246 SAM_1247 SAM_1248 SAM_1249 SAM_1244 SAM_1250
















If you would like to have a Happy Bea in your life, you can email me and we can match you up with a special little child who needs your help!  Let’s turn sad faces into beaming smiles!

Check out some of the kids in the Philippines here who are hoping you will sponsor them!






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