Help Make Maya’s Hope Cards!


Do you love being creative?
Do you have kids at home that need to do art projects?
Do you want to give back and spread love?

Make handmade cards for Maya’s Hope!! Maya’s Hope is filling your social-distancing time with purpose by calling all volunteers who can create artistic cards for us to send out.  We are bringing back hand-made cards and bringing back hope and spreading love!



1. Please use card stock (ideally, 65-pound paper). This can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here. We ask for a MINIMUM of 20 cards.  (**Students, please read the asterisk below.)

2. Make a drawing with crayons, pencils, markers, and other crafts.

3. Please, NO GLITTER.

4. Most importantly – please, do not write anything on the inside of the card.  We need it blank so that we can write a thoughtful note to our donors.  You are welcome to sign the back of the card, but the inside must be blank.  Thank you!

5. Email for the address where to mail your cards.  We have volunteers in New York City who are helping us send out thank you notes to our donors so we will provide you with an address.

That’s it!  Please, note… When you send us your thank you cards, we will send them to all of the donors who support Maya’s Hope.


Wanna help? Email us at We’re all about spreading the love.    

**Hello students!  If you are a student and are looking to receive credit for your volunteer hours for making cards, we ask that you confirm how many cards you will be sending and how many hours you have volunteered.  A letter acknowledging your hours will be given at the end of the volunteering period.