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Emergency Cases

Maya’s Hope is dedicated to saving the lives of children in need of medical attention. Here are just some of the emergency cases we are currently fundraising for.


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baby with Hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker malformation


Ericah is 7 months old. She has hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker malformation.

Her story:

During an ultrasound 3 weeks before her birth, a cyst was suspected. Upon birth, a CT scan was immediately done to confirm the presence of the cyst. Ericah was referred to a neurologist and was under observation for 6 months. A follow-up CT scan was performed. The ventricles in her brain were found to be enlarged and filled with fluid. Ericah was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and Dandy Walker Malformation.  Her father is an on-call driver and makes $65 USD a month.

She urgently needs surgery to insert a shunt to drain the fluid from her brain.

Her surgery costs $2000.00.

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