How you can help Margarita and other Bedridden Children at Kalinovka!

Margarita Fights to Live

Margarita is a fighter. You can tell from her bright eyes and wide smiles in spite of the discomfort from the huge tube that runs through her nose.

Margarita is six years old but you probably couldn’t guess her age from her tiny body frame. Her parents have long abandoned her at birth due to her severe health problems. She lacks sucking and swallowing reflexes, and so she has to receive nutrition through a tube. She also suffers from a cardiac anomaly and respiratory problems. Her breathing at times becomes so difficult that she appears to be suffocating. She could barely cough and her temperature rises frequently.

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Margarita is currently under the care of Nikolai at the Chernigov orphanage in Kalinovka. She goes in and out the hospital regularly due to her health conditions. Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital dismiss her as “a disaster” and “a catastrophic case”. They merely treat her symptoms. Before long, they will send her back to Nikolai and ignore her pleas to have proper medical facilities in place to treat Margarita.

The doctors did not expect Margarita to live long, but this little warrior fights hard for her life! Two other babies had been admitted to the hospital under similar conditions and have since passed away. Yet, little Margarita continues her fight with a brave smile.

Margarita’s fight to live is truly inspirational and her courageous battle led to the birth of Margarita’s Hope – a program which provides funding for formula nutrition and therapy for bedridden children like Margarita, so that they too can have a chance at life. The children each need a box of formula every two days. One box costs $17.50; at 15 boxes a month, a total of $262.50 is needed each month.


Margarita in 2010

With this money, the orphanage can support the wishes of children like Margarita… Simply, to live.

Margarita in 2012

Margarita looks better these days, compared to when she was first admitted to the hospital. She’s still in and out of the hospital because of her condition, but she fights to live… even though the doctors dismissed her as a “disaster”.


Margarita as of April 2013

Margarita turned 6 on February 21, 2013!


Maya’s Hope still sends funds for formula for Margarita and any of the bedridden children who require it.

Now we’re expanding Margarita’s Hope! We are now including her sponsorship to include:

-gas costs (whenever a child is sick, Nikolai must drive the children to the hospital which is rather far. We pay for gas costs for the doctor’s visits as doctors are picked up and brought to Kalinovka.)

– physical therapy for the bedridden children with massage!

– surgeries and medical emergencies

and any medical related expense, including major surgeries.

How you can help!

To become a Margarita’s Hope sponsor to help Margarita and children like her at Kalinovka and Zaporozhia Asylum for Children, please email or click a button below:

Option A: monthly gift, stop anytime:

($263 = 1 month’s supply for one child)


Option B: one-time gift:

Maya’s Hope Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization — your gifts are U.S. tax-deductible.

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Margarita in June 2013