“May You Find Happiness on your Heart”

Irish’s Wish

During my last visit to the Philippines, I was told about a girl who wanted to go to college.

Her name is Irish.  With tears in her eyes, her mother spoke in broken English and finally poured her heart out in Tagalog (Filipino language). She couldn’t afford to send her daughter to school.   Irish sat still, while her mother cried.

Irish couldn’t tell me her story because she’s deaf and mute.

Irish and her mother are very poor.  Irish’s sister had been working hard to put Irish through school… then she died last year from lupus.  Irish and her mother not only lost a part of their family,  but also lost hope.   They came to San Martin de Porres Orphanage in Bulacan for help.  I just happened to be at San Martin when Irish’s mother asked me.

“Let’s make a video,” I said.

Then I told them “I would do my best. Just pray.”   When I got to the states, I made a video of Irish.

Before I even published this video, a woman named Heather wrote me said she wanted to send Irish to school.  Irish’s tuition was paid in full.


Nimfa, Irish, Maya

Here is a letter from her mother, Nimfa.Irish2

Madam Maya

A pleasant day to you. 

May the God’s Grace be with you always.

We are very grateful for your help and down to earth assistance for Irish studies. She like you wants to help others with disabilities through teaching when she graduated. We are fully honored that we are one of your chosen sponsored.  

May you find it on your heart the happiness that you showered on us. 

Thank you very much,

God Bless you more

respectfully yours

Nimfa Dela Cruz

(Irish’s mother)


Letters from Irish’s school

 IMG_0002 (2) IMG_0001 (2)

Irish is a very happy girl.  She knows that her sister is still watching over her after all.

Irish, May 2014

Irish, May 2014

<3 Maya


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  1. steve

    a few years ago i sponsored one of my relatives thru college in mindanao. people should know college is different here from there. in the u.s,there is 6 years elementary school, 2 years middle school, & 4 years high school. in the philippines there is no middle school so students graduate high school when they are 16 years old. if they can afford it they can go to “college’, which is actually a 2 year trade school where they learn a job skill. i think some americans believe they are paying for a 4-year university that costs thousands of dollars when it is only a few hundred. hope this helps clear things up.