January 2015 – Natasha’s letter!

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Hello Maya!

How are you? How were your winter holidays? I’m doing alright. Managing to find time for work and rest. I celebrated the New Year’s at home with my family. Me and the girls at work did crafts, played, and learnt new and fun stuff.


This month Larisa and Katya crafted a tulip out of disposable spoons and paper. I showed them how to color spoons and they did everything themselves. Larisa was prompting Katya all the time to be neat with coloring. Waiting was the hardest part for them. They had to wait until the paint is dry to proceed with the work. When it was ready I glued spoons together, girls winded them with paper, and we “planted” our tulips in casting plaster and decorated it with a bow. Now the house will be decorated with another flower made by physically challenged children.
Katya and Larisa

Katya and Larisa

Also, we got a computer and I decided to use it not only for watching cartoons and listening to music, but for learning letters on the keyboard. We did that only with Larisa. Of course, for her, as for everyone who sees letters on a keyboard for the first time, it was difficult to locate them in the beginning. I had to simplify the work for her by closing other keys with paper leaving only the letters. Then I wrote down a word and asked her to spell and type it. It took her a while to locate each letter, but as for the first time she did a very good job.


And this is it. Nothing interesting to add. We assembled puzzles and toy building bricks, painted, colored, played with a ball, but that’s what we do all the time.
Translated by Lyudmyla Korchevska
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