January 2015 – Olga’s Letter!

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Hello dear friend!

With my best wishes to you from Olga and the girls!


Olga and Varya

How fast times flies. Already the first month of 2015 has passed. The kids had the best month ever I believe because they received lots of gifts and visitors. The girls received toys, clothes, candy, and fruit. I have to announce a few accomplishments: Anzhela can get up and stand on her own! She is able to get up and get toys from cupboards if she wants to easily.



Katya is able to fold clothes and place them in the armoire, maybe not very neatly but she is doing this with great joy. Zhenya is also being very helpful; she helps to dress the younger girls and also washes dishes after herself. Larissa has learned how to cut her nails.





With me, everything is fine. On December 30th my grandson was born. They named him Igor. They are currently at the hospital but we are hopeful they will arrive home soon. I worry about the situation in my country, there is no peace. How I hope that this nightmare will be over soon.

This is all I wanted to say!

With respect,


Translated by Yuliya Dudkina

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