January 2016 – Liliya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi Tanjushka!

How are you? How is your health? Everything is Ok with us; work is the same. Sasha Z is visiting us while he is renewing documents for guardianship. He instantly joined to our old company!  At once, he started to act as a good host and put everything in order. In the evenings he would sit at the computer with a cup of tea, and to hum songs.

Sasha Z

Sasha Z

We made a small anemone bouquet out of beads, mulberry branch and a couple of charms. We sewed a cellphone case from felt and heart shaped charms, also from felt, for St. Valentine’s Day. Artem was helping to sew, and the rest were stuffing the felt shapes.

12654235_460729964116132_88345058394816732_n (1)

We are planning to make a new orchid of beads, and going to make souvenirs for the 8th of March holiday.

Sasha S is joking around, as usual.  As for Sasha K, he was at the hospital for consultation. He is in need of an operation.

Sasha K

Sasha K

As for now, that is all. Hugs and kisses! Your friend  Liliya. Bye-bye.

Translated by Anastasia Galaychenko

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