January, February and March 2019 – Updates from Western Ukraine!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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“Despite their disabilities, it is of great importance to all these kids to feel warmth, affection, and attention from people who spend some time with them. That’s why Ms Svitlana was hugging, caressing and saying nice things to the children.


It is essential that the kids have an opportunity to move around, even though some of them cannot walk. They can crawl on the rug in the center of the room, supervised by Ms Svitlana. It even happens so that Oleg amuses himself and takes somebody’s socks off or unties somebody’s shoelaces.


On Monday Svitlana was playing with Stepan. She was throwing a ball to the child. Besides that she took Mariana, Stepan and Yevgenia one by one in her arms and held them near the window to show a cloud in the sky, the sun – the world that exists outside the playroom they were in.

Svitlana had a set of colorful pictures and eagerly showed and described them to the kids. Afterwards she read a fairy tale to Hryhorii. Unfortunately, because of his condition Hryhorii cannot be put on the rug in the center of the room, that’s why Ms Svitlana visits him in his room. She pronounced letters for him because sometimes the kid repeats after her. Also, she gave him personally a building kit as a gift.


Yevgenia together with Ms Svitlana watched a cartoon on the smartphone.


This is what Monday spent with Ms Svitlana was like for the kids.


When Lesia, a Maya’s Hope caregiver, pays Mariana a visit, the world becomes brighter and more colorful. Together with the little girl they listen to soft and soothing melodies for relaxation. Hugs are very important moments because through them the child can feel warmth and love. Mariana also gets help to get to the window, where the world beyond the mirrored glass opens up like a book. In the picture we can see the little explorer being deeply occupied with paying attention to the surrounding everyday objects, favorite toys in particular.



We believe that with combined efforts and support kids’ dreams can come true.”

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Volodymyr is hearing and vision impaired, but he discovers the world with the help of tactile sensation. That is the reason why gentle touches of our caregivers are so important to him. Being in somebody’s arms makes him very happy and he laughs sincerely.

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Hanna enjoys socializing a lot. Our caregivers read books to her and she listens attentively. She also likes to look at colorful pictures and attend lessons. The girl cannot walk on her own, that’s why she is in a great need of our caregivers’ company and assistance.


$2226 was raised by our wonderful donors so that Dasha could attend physical therapy post surgery. She wants to walk and we want to help her achieve her goal! She will be starting therapy in April.