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July 2015 – Lilya’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi, Tanyushka!

How are you? How is your health? What about the weather?

We are fine, a little bit hot though. Everything’s good at work. Everybody is safe and sound. But Artem has contrived to break his arm. Now he is our “The Diamond Arm” (soviet movie –translator’s note). I pick him individual activities.



We made a mass of “papier-mache”. The children tore the paper into pieces for the mass with such a pleasure. Then we sculpted out of it a bear, a bunny, and a fish. We glued eggshell over the fish for craquelure effect (cracking paint, ageing). This was done by Artem.

Yura made his first almost self-sufficient piece of craft, keychain “Heart of Ukraine”. Previously, Yura only put on beads on a wire, and now he goes on increasing.



Sasha wove bracelets from ribbons. He liked it. Now he asks: “What else new are we going to do?”



There is an update on our “Fairy Tales Glade” – the Owl. Lisa Patrikeevna (fox, Russian folklore character – translator’s note) is almost ready. It’s made of plastic bottles and mounting foam.



We made a new flower, Violet, from beads. Some old beaded crafts have been repaired.

I’m going to finish the letter here.

Write me!



Translated by Olha Koshelieva

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