July 2015 – Sophie’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hi sister!

How are you? How is work?

I am well. I can’t wait until it rains – the heat outside is exhausting. In the mornings we take children to the seashore and we can’t drag them out of the water during the hot days. They dive in and out and have a lot of fun. Sometimes we make paper ships and float them on the water – kids love this game.


After these mornings children are so exhausted, they come back to the home and go straight to bed.

Artem and Sasha made artificial poppy flowers from corrugated paper. Boys used wires, ribbon and paper to make different parts of the flower which were at the end assembled into a beautiful bouquet.

Yura and Maxim made a mini-sculpture of a house on the seashore. Yura said that “the house is for us to hide from the heat” :).

Vanya draw and painted pictures.



Some days we would just stay outside and walk around the foster home. I took Lyosha and Sasha to a soccer field, they watched boys from Building No. 1 playing soccer.





Everything is as usual and its time for me to finish my little story for today. Hope we meet soon.


Translated by Ksenia Mikhailovskaya 

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