July, August and September 2019 – Updates from Western Ukraine!

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“Good day. My name is Svetlana. I work at the “Summer Angels” team. We work with children under 18 years old. We’re  at the sensory room right now. We have toys and pool with balls in here. We spend free time in here reading and playing games. We entertain those who doesn’t want to play by themselves, give them big toys. We look outside through the window when the weather is bad. When the weather is nice, we go outside. We love them. Right, Ivanka? She’s an active girl, it’s interesting with her.”

“Good day! I’m Olesya. I work at “Summer Angels” program. I take care of the special kids. I love them dearly. We spend a lot of time outdoor in the summer. In winter we gather at the special room where we play with toys, paint, and read. But I think the most important is love that we share with our kids. Do I love you? Do you love me?”

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And some wonderful news, Anna was adopted from this orphanage!