July, August and September – Reports from our Foster Home Caregivers!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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This month we did the following work with children:
– made up puzzles;
– Engaged in writing;
– develop coherent speech, nurture love and respect for others;
– studied the rules of cultural behavior at the table;
– formation of visual attention in the child;
– grouping of objects by form;
– harvested on the site;
– bathed in the pool;

Vitaliy chooses the studied colors by name. He likes to engage in writing, can spell out his name.

Vitaliy, Georgy, Alexander and Maxim helped the caregivers to collect potatoes and onions in the garden, and I want to emphasize that they did it with pleasure.

Vera was putting together puzzles and learning how to put her things in the closet.


Ruslan focuses on the actions of adults. Adult, and inheritance, reproduces substantive actions:
shows, takes with one hand small objects, both – large, rolls a ball, a ball, puts cubes on each other, makes a three-part pyramid.
Zhenya likes to jump on a trampoline.
Katya performs housework with the caregiver.
Sofia loves to play with the ball on the playground, and with the help of a tutor to ride a swing.

Artem writes and writes syllables and plays games on a computer.

Georgy and Alexander make their name from the letters of the alphabet.

Maxim paints coloring pages and does puzzles.

Oleg sculpts figures from plasticine.
Nikita works on the computer, plays sports and football.

In the second half of July, all the children enjoyed swimming in the pool. It is a great joy for our children, and we are very pleased to see it in the eyes of children.



This month, Maxim and I were preparing for school – reading and writing. Still involved in sports – Maxim loves to exercise with dumbbells and push ups.

With Igor painted with felt-tip pens. He likes this occupation. We also read fairy tales.

With Tonya they also read books, learned to comb and braid hair.

Andrei and Masha are very fond of coloring books, which is what we did with them.


We learned to paint accurately along the contour of the drawing, which they have so far not been very good at.

With Kolya and Sergey we looked after the flowers in the flower beds – weeds were watered and weeded. Still preparing for school, repeated the material passed.


With Nadia, they studied at the computer, watched developing programs, read fairy tales. And Nadia loves to practice on the sports field, she does well push-ups.

We also walked with children every day in the fresh air and often bathed in the pool.