Greetings from Ukraine! Letters from our Caregivers at Kalinovka for June 2013!

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Letter from Olga

Hello, dear girlfriend!

Sending you the best wishes from Olga and our children.

My vacation came to an end and I returned to the children with renewed energy. This month our dorm had been lightly renovated and the kids were transferred to dorm # 1. This was a real challenge for Maksim. He loves watching cartoons, but the new dorm does not have televisions in the rooms, so while he was there, he walked around with the saddest eyes.

Sasha is amazing. We gave him a phone once and turned on the music – you had to see it! He closed his eyes and started rocking back and forth to the music.

Vlada  went to spend some time by the sea.

These days we try to take the kids out more, to spend more time outdoors. So we take turns going on long walks. Those are our latest news.

I’ll end my short letter here.

Good-bye. Respectfully,



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Letter from Natasha


Hi, dear friend!

I want to tell you a bit about myself: I work in dorm #1 as a volunteer caregiver. My name is Natalia , I am 34 years old, I was born  in Melitopol.

I have held various occupations: secretary, waitress, bartender, cook, cashier, but due to family circumstances I had to move to Panfilovka. I’m raising a son, living with my husband. We live separately from our parents. My education is in accounting, but since I have not found a job in my profession, I started working at the children’s home, since my husband isn’t working. At first I took the position because I was desperate for work, but over time I started to understand these children and fell in love with my job.

Now I look forward to going to work, and as my mom says (she is religious) “I work not for myself but for God.” I do my best, even though there are many specific challenges, but I overcome them.

A little about my family:

My husband Edik (Eduard) started picking up farm work.

My son – Artem – finished 6th grade and will be starting 7th grade, eventually wants to go to Suvorovskoye secondary school.

We have a small farm.

I’ve been working at the children’s home for 4 years now and I don’t think I’ll stop here. In the future, I would like to advance my career somehow – visit other children’s homes, learn something new.

I guess I’ll end my short letter here. I think if I want something badly enough, it will happen some day.

Till later! Bye, please write.


Letter from Valya


2013-07-03 14-36-49_0130 2013-07-03 14-38-00_0131Hello, dear girlfriend!

Sending you a big hello from me and my boys.

Wanted to let you know that this month my guys stayed at summer camps:

1. Sasha
2. Serezha (Sergey)
3. Yura
4. Oleg
– these went to the camp, “The Forest Song” (Lisova Pis’nia)

5. Alesha  went to Primorsk and 4 other kids to the Black Sea:

1. Artem
2. Ruslan
3. Maksim
4. Maksim

They all returned very content.

The entire time they were gone I was on vacation and took care of the household.

After my vacation I worked in dorm #2.

Sasha surprised my with his reaction to different types of music. When he hears happy music he starts moving as if he is dancing, and when he hears sad music, he sits quietly and closes his eyes.

We are finally back in our own house. Cleaned up the garden and the playground, pulled out all the weeds. In general everything here is good.



2013-07-03 14-23-39_01282013-07-03 14-25-15_0129Letter from Larisa

Good day, dear friend.

My boys at dorm #1 are sending you a big hello. Everything is fine with us, everyone is alive and well, no one ailing. Our work is moving along little by little, the children are trying their hardest and they are doing much better than they were early on. In June the children went to camp “Forest Song”, and Larisa and Lilya went with them. They liked it a lot, and experienced many positive emotions. Every day they went to the pool, concerts, to the discotheque. When it was time to leave, they didn’t want to, kept saying can we stay longer.

We’ll stop our short letter here. Till we meet again.


Larisa and the boys. Bye.





2013-07-03 14-07-41_0126Letter from Sophie

Hello, sister!

How are things? I’m doing well! At work everything is the same. The kids just returned from the sea, so we have been catching up in class. We are practicing writing words as well as numbers; solving logics problems. Outside we sometimes play soccer and sometimes bowl. When it’s scorching outside, we stay indoors and watch cartoons. How’s the weather where you are?

When we take time away from study, we read fairy tales and listen to children’s songs.

Alright, I’ll end here. Bye! Good luck!


Translation by Kat Dudina.

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