Kennard – Norzagaray, Philippines

KennardMeet Kennard

Hi! My name is Kennard. I live in the Philippines. I live with my mom and dad and five sisters. My mom is Florencia. My dad is Dominador. My dad works with metal and rock.   My mom cleans houses and washes clothes.

I like helping my family cleaning the house because we don’t have a lot of room. My mom taught me. Our house is too small for me and my sisters but I love everyone 🙂

I really like egg and fried fish! It is so masarap! I like colors blue and red and my friends are Joshua and Jim. I like drawing. I like play basketball too a lot. I play with others. We have an old ball. 🙁

I really like school and learning. I promise to study hard and finish my studies.

Thank you for choosing me.

Kennard’s Hope
When I grow up, I wish I could be a successful engineering to help my parents and my sister for her school.