Welcome Landon (our youngest sponsor)!

We are breaking records and making history today! Landon has joined our family as a sponsor (and future pen-pal) to Princess Shane in the Philippines. She is not only our newest sponsor… she is also our youngest!

Landon will be sponsoring Princess Shane with her boyfriend, from what they will make from their part-time jobs. She’s extremely excited to join us, so I mentioned that it would be an honor if she would share her story with us. So without further delay, please welcome Landon, our guest blogger for today:

Princess Shane

“My name is Landon, and I have the honor of sponsoring the cutest little girl, Princess Shane. Maya sent me many casefiles, but hers was the first. I knew that I had to have her the moment I saw her! Her name really caught my attention because my boyfriend’s name is Shane!

I have always loved children. I am going to college to be a pediatrican. All I have ever wanted to do was help kids. I have wanted to sponsor a child since I was very young, but I decided to wait until I was older because I was only a child also.

As I am only 18 years old now, I still had trouble understanding all of the information, but Maya definitely helped me through all of the steps, even though I probably drove her crazy with my numerous daily emails! These emails went on until 11 p.m. some nights. We even called all the way from New York to Mississippi because I had so many questions. I had to write these questions down so I would not forget them all! So Maya deserves all of the credit in the world. It is Maya’s genuine love for all of these children that drew me in. At the end of the day, Maya never takes any credit for herself. This is the type of program that I wanted to join.

I looked for days through organizations that would allow me to help an individual as opposed to a community. I was online Googling and looking for information about sponsoring a child. I had it all written down, and when Shane got off at 8pm, we sat down and I told him about all of the stuff that I found. He agreed that your program was the best choice for us. We also decided together on choosing Princess Shane (plus she has his name). So we joined the very next day!

Maya’s Hope has given me the privilege to change a child’s life from around the world. I was so excited the first day I signed up that I could not sleep that night from all of the thoughts running through my head.

It is my hope that with my sponsorship, Princess Shane will be able to finally experience some of the necessities needed in life. She can even have the self confidence that every child deserves. It is hard to believe how quickly this little girl has already changed me. My life is consumed of nothing but ideas of how I can help her (not kidding). I have asked Maya every question from A to Z. Every idea that I get, I have to run by Maya before I know whether my idea is a good one or not. But from all of these emails, I feel that I have gotten to know Maya and Maya has gotten to know me.

Landon with her boyfriend Shane, her mom and her sister

I like talking to Maya about other things than just questions, such as when I got stung by that yellow jacket. She really is fun to talk too! For example, when she first told me that I could write something for a blog, she said I could read Deanna’s blog to get an idea. Well, hers was so sophisticated sounding, so I thought mine needed to be sophisticated too! Maya said it was great, but she wants the readers to know the “me” that she got to know. So if you noticed transitions of sophisticated to a yappy teenager, this is why! Haha!

I get so happy when I think that Princess Shane and I will one day become close and forever change each other’s life. Because of Maya’s Hope, I can help not only Princess Shane but her whole family. Princess Shane can now have the life that a princess deserves.”