Learn, Learn and Learn!

Behind the scenes, our team at the Kalinovka children’s home face many challenges caring for the special children daily. It’s emotionally and physically demanding, and not something many people can do for long. To stay healthy, Mariya and our carers just got back from a refreshing training session to help them care for the children– and themselves –better.

Mariya explains, “We all had some tea with Victoria, the psychologist of our Foundation, and were talking about how after 20 years of work one could get used to special children and grown-ups, stop crying when looking at them, put up with death, and go to work in high spirits. But there are still some who cannot put up with children suffering. Others are overwhelmed with their own problems or general situation in the country, and as for their jobs – they are just bearing the duties they have to perform. And someone does not try to hide that he or she does not really have a choice of jobs available – there are only their farms and the orphanage.”

Check out the article Mariya wrote:
Nine instructors from Chernigov Child’s Home in the village of Kalinovka visited a rehabilitation center for special children in Zaporozhye and attended a training session on professional burnout
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