Letters from Guardian Angels – April 2013

Each month our superstar caregivers at Kalinovka write a letter to tell us about their lives and our cutie pies… These amazing women inspire me… I owe them so much for taking care of these precious angels at Kalinovka…


Thank you sponsors for making miracles happen for our cutie pies…





From Olga!

Hello, dear girlfriend!

My children and I wish you all the best. Would like to share our successes and news with you. The playroom has recently been renovated, and now it’s beautiful and cozy.

We have a new boy – Roma Motryonin – a good, smart boy, who used to live with his grandmother. At first he did not want to eat and cried a lot, but now he became assimilated and I think he likes it here.

Olga pg. 1

Olga pg. 1

This month the children have been learning basic movements with toys. Vladik Sharay “plays” the piano and Nastya Mozhaeva spins a musical drum and tries to put together a pyramid as well as learning several new words. Egor Geychenko also tries to say something, but so far I cannot tell what he is saying.

Yesterday I brought snow to the playroom in a bucket. The kids touched it with their hands, put it to their cheeks; some laughed, others yelped in surprise, and Vlad Sharay is so quick, he even managed to taste it.

With the coming of Spring, the amount of work I have to do at home has grown, but otherwise everything is the same.

That’s all for us. So I’ll finish my short letter here. Please write. Good bye.





From Lilya!

Hi, Tanechka!

How are you? How’s your health? Everything here is fine and I wish you the same!

The weather is fantastic! It’s snowy and sunny! Winter does not want to leave us. The children are having a great time! People are even jokingly wishing each other Happy New Year!

photo (1)Not too long ago we had guests from England! The boys and I gave them hand-made beaded figurines, which they just learned to make. Last week we made an orchid! Everyone loved it.

Recently, Maksim sat apart from the other children at a separate table, where we keep the cage with the parakeets. I noticed he was sitting and making funny faces at the birds! As I looked closer, I noticed a tiny mirror inside the cage, facing him. It was so amusing to watch!

Also what I really enjoy is when I arrive to the dorm, the kids are still at recess after lunch. As I prepare for the lesson, they start to wriggle into the classroom, like little mice.

At home everything is the same. The first flowers that have bloomed in the garden have been covered with snow.

I’ll end my letter here.






From Valya!

Hello, dear girlfriend!

I want to share with you our joys and setbacks.

In general everything is fine. During our lessons the boys do their best in reading and writing, the little dears. The ones who are doing really well are

Valya pg. 1

Valya pg. 1

Serezha and Artem. Olezhka (Oleg) really enjoys writing.

For the International Women’s Day we made greeting cards for the volunteers. I helped Serezha make a collage with string, and now I’m helping Sasha.

In April Artem will be going for surgery in Zaporozh’e. We are all very worried about him. Hopefully, the surgery will prove to be a success and our Artem will walk and run on his own.

At home everything is fine.




From Raisa!

Hello, sweet friend.

This letter is from the caretaker of group #6, Gudenko, R.I.

Raisa pg. 1

Raisa pg. 1

This month I’m working in dorm #3 again, as before. No real news here. This month Vlad, Zhenya, Oleg and Dima are learning to bead.

Some successes include Dima, Oleg and Vlad learning 6 letters, which they point out to the other boys in the primer.

This month we took a trip to a children’s home, “Big Field”, in Zaporozh’e, to see how the kids live there. We met with a psychologist, it was nice. They will be taking 5 of our kids to Big Field and sending us new ones.

In the beginning of the month it felt like Spring, and then we got some snow. No other news.

At home everything is fine. My youngest son is finishing 11th grade, preparing for exams. He wants to go to college in Zaporozh’e.






From Larisa!

Hello, dear friend!

How are you? What’s new? Everything here is excellent. The boys and I made our first tree – a birch. The little ones really enjoy beading. They try as

Larisa pg. 1

Larisa pg. 1

hard as they can. During the breaks we play games since it’s difficult for the young kids to sit still for long periods of time. It will be a while before tiny hands will be able to control the stubborn beads well, but we will try our hardest and I am sure we will succeed!

This month I am also working with the girls from dorm #1. They are very happy to be doing this, set on getting better, and they are improving little by little.

I’ll end my brief letter here.




From Sofia!

Hi, sister! (From Sofia)

How is everything? I wish things were a little better here.

Sofia pg. 1

Sofia pg. 1

At work everything is fine with the kids. We are learning to write and do math together. Also, learning to use the primer. And you should see our crafts. A 3-dimensional piece of art made of napkins and rice. Another picture made of construction paper and cardboard. The kids also make figurines out of clay. They made such a great horse – looks completely real.

We take walks outside to get fresh air. And after our lessons, the kids like to play video games and watch cartoon series.

Good-bye. Till later. Everything here is fine!



(Translations by Kat Dudina, Maya’s Hope Volunteer in New York City)kat dudina