From Out of Luck to Full of Love and Hope

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Diana in October 2013


Diana in January 2014 after her dental surgery

Diana was once a girl who was out of luck.

She didn’t have parents.  She was forced to live with a cruel aunt.

When I visited her in the Philippines, she had to make some hard decisions.  After meeting with me, she left her aunt and was taken in by a teacher at her school.  She now feels love in a family.  

She wrote me in June 2014:

Dearest mam Maya,


Diana in April 2014

First of all my warmest greetings to you and to my sponsor. I would like to apologyze to you and to my sponsor that i was not able to send a letter since the last time i wrote to you. 

To tell the truth mam Maya i was very happy when we met in Manila last week of April. And a big thanks mam Maya for the nice converse shoes.


Her sponsor Lizelle on the left at Karaoke for a Cause

I’m very glad mam Maya that i’m now in my fourth year in the school. I was able to continue my studies because of your foundation and my sponsor. I owe everything to both of you. i’m living very happy with my new family, they are all kind to me and i was loved by their children as i  stand as their eldest sister.
I started schooling again June 2. I was able to bought school supplies and other personal needs before the opening of our class, when i received my allowance.
mam Maya i was excited the first day of our class. i met a new friends and classmates. To tell you the truth mam Maya it is quite harder in the fourth year especially the major subjects like Mathematics, Physics. Our teacher are all good and i am inspired going to school regularly bacause i am now living with a peaceful mind, no more problems just like when i was with my aunt. My class start at 6:00 a.m and end at 2:00 p.m. I come to school very early together with my guardian mam Lyn, who is also a fourth year teacher in our school.
mam Maya and my sponsor i promise i will study very hard because i have a dream to become a good teacher too like mam Lyn Austria, and mam Cora Mance.  As long as there are people around, loving me and show a care for me for my future, i promise i will be a good teacher someday.
A big thanks again mam Maya and to my sponsor. Tomorrow is Saturday i will be attending class activities in tondo the whole day, and will submit all my financial report to ate Cherry.
Have a great day mam Maya and to my sponsor. Again my apology to both of you. i promise i will never miss to send a letter to you monthly. Good bye, I Love you both.

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Maya and Diana April 2014


Diana is grateful for the opportunity to be a Maya’s Hope superstar!  If you would like to sponsor a child like Diana, click HERE!







Here’s a video so you can see how much she shines: