Maila’s Letter

Maila wrote a letter to her sponsor… and we wanted to share.


Maila with her sisters Michaela Joy and Michelle


Dear Auntie Julien,

 Before anything else let me greet you a good morning.  I hope you are in good health.  If you were to ask me I am also in good health.  Thank you for all the help you are extending to me and my family.  Thank you for the foam bed you gave us for now my siblings and I are able to sleep better.  Thank you for the shoes.  They are all beautiful.  Thank you for the rice and groceries.  These help us a lot.  Thank you for your continued support.  I hope you will always take care.  We will be forever grateful for the help you are giving me and my family.  Were it not for you we would not be able to continue our education.  In exchange for your kindness, we promise to study well.  I hope you will not tire in helping poor families like us.  Thank you for giving us new hope.  Were it not for your help we would not have experienced a little relief in our lives.  Thank you so much.  Until next time.  Thank you again for all your help.

 Lovingly yours,

Maila Cristine G. Arrabe

Translation by Mary Lourdes Nery Daval-Santos

You can see her cuteness here:



Maila is sponsored by Julianne and Kevin from New York.

Michaela Joy is sponsored by Jennifer Sevarns from Michigan, and Michelle is sponsored by Diane Lawley from New Hampshire.


If you would like to sponsor a child, there are a few cutie pies waiting for you!




Maila with her sisters Michaela Joy and Michelle