March 2015 – Olga’s Letter!

Read the letters from the caregivers who love our cutie pies!

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Hello dear friend,
With a great enthusiasm me, Olga, and the girls at our dorm say hello.This month we are doing well, Katya had a birthday. We made a cake for Katya and Larissa made a beaded necklace to give Katya as a gift. I wasn’t there for the birthday party but the girls tell me that they were very pleased with it.


This month the kids made heart shaped crafts that said “we are with Ukraine.” I think to myself, “thank God they don’t understand what war is.” Larissa cut out the hearts out of paper, Katya helped to glue them on another piece of paper, even Zhenya, who is hard to encourage to participate, helped. The girls love to paint,draw, fill-in coloring books, and put together puzzles.


In other news, Katya loves to go for walks and little Katya loves to build with blocks. Katya first likes to watch others build and then she copies afterwards. Katya also likes to learn new sounds to copy, it is very interesting to watch her wave her arms and talk in her ‘own language.’


Other than that everything is fine. At home, I get visits from my kids sometimes.

Translated by Yuliya Dudkina

oly ma